Systems Change Consulting starts a blog

Systems Change Consulting is starting a blog to let both current and potential clients know how our consulting and training services can help implement the systemic change they are seeking.

This new consulting and training firm provides local, statewide, and national consulting and training for individuals, non-profits, and public entities interested in making progressive systems change.  Services include root cause analysis to identify nature of problem and likely systemic solutions; creating multi-pronged plans to effect systemic change to address identified problems with long lasting solutions; providing consultation and training, as well as direct support with legislative and administrative agency lobbying, legislative and regulatory drafting, systemic litigation, traditional and social media campaigns, grassroots and professional training, and education publications for consumers and professionals, in the areas of Civil Rights, Disability Rights, General and Special Education, combating abuse and neglect of vulnerable populations, and non-profit organizational management and board development and governance.

Jeff Spitzer-Resnick, a public interest civil rights attorney with a strong statewide and national reputation developed over the past 27 years, is based in Madison, Wisconsin, and is the Principal of this firm.  You may contact him with inquiries for consultation and training services at or 608-206-7164.

Systems Change Consulting has a web site under contruction which will go live soon.


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