Fighting the School to Prison Pipeline

This is a new case of mine clearly demonstrating why it is often inappropriate to have police in our schools, particularly when they abuse the children they are supposed to protect and do so without provocation.

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1 thought on “Fighting the School to Prison Pipeline

  1. As was hinted in the recent fatal police shooting in Madison, the emphasis in police training is now “tactical” responses to almost all situations. That training seems to minimize officers’ assessment and judgement. Instead the officers almost immediately assume their life and the public are in danger and quickly escalate their use of force.

    Is it possible that is how the officer responded and why his superiors and the school administration back him up?

    Tactical police responses are not appropriate in the schools.

    A more appropriate perspective is that of psychiatric nurses. Psychiatric nurses are trained in techniques to protect their own safety without harming the patient. Psychiatric nurses are trained to quickly and safely restrain an aggressive patient. For example, if the officer felt the child was threatening both the officer and the other students. firmly and gently wrapping his arms around the child may have been all that was necessary.

    If schools decide that security personnel are necessary, then such personnel need to be trained in techniques appropriate to children rather than hardened armed adult career criminals.

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