Sun Prairie Drops Resisting Arrest Charge in Police Abuse Case

I have previously written about my case in which a Sun Prairie police officer violently slammed my middle school student client’s head to the ground at school, giving him a concussion and black eye.  While my client’s case against the officer, the Sun Prairie Police Department and the City of Sun Prairie winds its way through the federal court system, I was forced to defend my client in Sun Prairie Municipal Court because the police officer issued tickets to my client for resisting an officer and disorderly conduct. Sadly, it is not uncommon for a police officer who uses excessive force to claim that he had to subdue the victim because the victim was resisting the officer.

The Municipal Court trial on those charges was scheduled for today. However, at the outset, Sun Prairie’s Municipal Attorney stated that the City had decided to drop the resisting an officer charges.  In return, my client agreed to plead no contest to disorderly conduct because he swore at the police officer, which meets the technical grounds of disorderly conduct.

My client, his mother, and I are very pleased that the City of Sun Prairie recognized that it was likely to lose the resisting an officer charge as my client was simply trying to call his mother as his school behavior plan permits him to do.

Now we move on to getting justice for my client for being abused by the police officer.

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