Our Gun Sick Nation

Another mass shooting.


Does the motive even matter anymore?

As the saying goes,

Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.

During the busiest shopping day of the year, the FBI ran a record 185,345 background checks on so called Black Friday, about 5 percent more than the amount processed on the same day last year. However, as the New York Times reports,

But since about 40 percent of all gun sales are through unlicensed sellers, that figure probably underestimated how many firearms actually changed hands, said Jon Vernick, co-director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research.

I have written other gun control posts about repealing the 2nd Amendment and establishing a bullet tax. Our political leadership remains cowed by the NRA and refuses to do anything meaningful while innocents die and politicians blame each other rather than doing anything constructive to solve the problem.

Maybe writing another blog is just my own personal way of coping with our nation’s infatuation with mass murder. But maybe, by acknowledging that we are a gun sick nation, we can begin to look for a cure. And let’s be honest, the only real cure is to disarm our nation. There will always be people who want to hurt other people. But only in the United States of America do we make it all too easy to give those people the weapons to wreak mass murder.


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2 thoughts on “Our Gun Sick Nation

  1. Denial is very common in mental health problems. That also applies to our national gun sickness.
    Denial is a major barrier to effective treatment.
    Acknowledgement is a critical step to dealing with this ongoing tragedy.

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